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Metric Magnet is the best in class business intelligence platform dedicated to Marketing professionals.

Are you ready to take advantage of Metric Magnet?

It combines all your analytics data from 30+ digital marketing platforms like social media,
SEO, Reviews, Email, PPC and your website so you can effectively manage them.

This means that with just 1 click, “Metric Magnet” puts all your marketing analytics data into powerful and meaningful reports.

This directly saves you and your team valuable time, allows you to make better decisions, gives you a better Return on Investment from your marketing & makes you look “even better” to your colleagues.

The Platform Built for Marketing Managers and business owners.

Metric Magnet was designed for Marketing Managers and business owners who want to benefit from the insights monitoring their digital marketing performance can provide and have the ability to track the performance of external agencies.

Automated Marketing Reports

No more wasting hours analysing each individual channels and no more hours wasted on producing reports because with the click of the button Metric Magnet allows you to produce high level visual reports giving you the ability to share valuable insights with colleagues at ease.

Schedule Daily, Weekly & Monthly

Keep your colleagues up to date with a regular report delivered to their inbox — Stop building spreadsheets!

Personalise with Comments

Explain to your colleagues the significance of different KPI's and include your own insights for each marketing campaign.

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Essential SEO Tools

Track Rankings, Monitor Backlinks, Perform a Technical SEO Audit and Track Competition!

Rank Tracker

Track keyword rankings for any location or language — Accurate and updated daily.

Site Auditor

Run one-off or scheduled site audits. Identify common on-site SEO issues to optimise and boost your rankings.

Backlink Monitor

Track your link building campaigns and update your colleagues with an insightful backlink report.

Competition Analyser

Competitive Analysis tool built for businesses. Analyse competitor SERPS and authority across all of your domains.

Automated Marketing Reports

Stop building spreadsheets! Keep your boss up to date with an automated report delivered to their inbox.

Create staff accounts

Scale your business by letting our app streamline your teams workflow. Assign a staff member to each domain and monitor progress directly in the dashboard.

Assign Tasks

Create one-off and recurring tasks for every campaign. Assign tasks to members of your team and share progress.

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